We elevate personal financial advisory and brokerage services to higher standards with exclusive personal portfolio management and hedge fund alternatives.

Alternative investments:

Are a personal portfolio management service that our financial advisors offer to qualified investors whose risk tolerance and income target match with a managed account or a hedge fund as part of our financial advisory services.

All alternative investments are managed exclusively by a portfolio manager dedicated to each account. Are subject to risk level control due to high return expectations, yet contain a market risk greater than fixed-income alternatives. This makes the scheme less suitable for retail channels. Alternative investments are sophisticated portfolio management products tailor-made for qualified investors.

Portfolios aim to profit from price anomalies independent of the direction of the markets by taking long and short equity positions. Therefore, they are called market-neutral strategies. Investment decisions taken against price anomalies can be implemented through sophisticated brokerage transactions and high-frequency instruction deliveries. These requirements make them less favorable for the general client base.

Private portfolio management accounts are managed based on carried interest on reference return for terms of six months. Our win-win approach is a breakthrough model in the industry and indicates our fair pricing approach.

Private portfolio management accounts are truly private, and not managed from a pool. Consequently, the returns of different accounts that are managed separately may vary.

Each transaction in private portfolio management accounts are fully available to the client on their account statements, and portfolio managers provide regular updates with reports and communicate with the client.

Transparency and accountability are our guiding principles.

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